Friday, May 20, 2011

Some stuff about me...

Facts about Sweets:
  1. I'm only 5 feet tall.
  2. I'm just now starting to become the person I hoped I'd be.
  3. I think I have finally broken my coffee obsession.
  4. Now I'm working on my addiction to pop.
  5. My handwriting changes every day.
  6. I have 2 sewing machines and haven't sewn a thing since high school. I intend to reteach myself soon.
  7. My husband and I moved (bought a house) and got married all in the same weekend.
  8. This week I have started transferring my calendar into my phone and will be trying to give up on the paper   agenda books. We'll see how that goes.
  9. I'm pretty sure I was meant to be born closer to an ocean and further south.
  10. I do not have a green thumb...not even close, but I wish I did.

Some things I love (other than my husband, kids, dogs, family and friends):
  1. Music.
  2. Old movies.
  3. Frozen drinks.
  4. Shopping.
  5. Trying new recipes.
  6. Desserts.
  7. Crafting.
  8. Scrapbooking.
  9. Decorating.
  10. Pens.

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